Jakub Kowalczyk
Java Software Developer, Business Reporting - Advisory Group
Czerlejno / Poland
About me
-JVM: Java8, Spring(Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Security Oauth2, Swagger), Hibernate, JavaBean Validation, Junit, Mockito, Apache POI, JasperReports, JDBC, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch
-TypeScript(basics), Angular2/4(basics), Angular materials, Html CSS (basics)
-Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
- AWS(AWS cli), Jenkins, Travis, Docker, Linux, Shell scripting
-Git, Intellij Idea, Maven, Linux, JetBrains tools, Jira
-Scrum, Clean code, Devops
-Basic knowglege of financial reports domain(XBRL, DPM)
-Basic android development skills(simple students applications)

Ready to learn new technologies, programming passionate.

Uniwersystet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu 2015 - 2019
DevOps Engineer, Business Reporting - Advisory Group 08/2017 - current
- Dockerizing applications, maintance of docker containers, images, build and integration.
- AWS maintance: Production environments - ec2, storage - s3, Route53, IAM, backups, scripts(AWS CLI)
- In company VM environments(Linux - Centos) - Jenkins, test and dev environments
Java Software Developer, Business Reporting - Advisory Group 11/2016 - current
In BR-AG I am responsible for designing architecture and developing solutions and software based on Java and JVM technologies. I was developing and contributing to projects like:
- ETLs(PostgreSQL, Access)
- API for processing data collected from financial reports(XBRLs)
- User management API (Spring Security, Oauth2, JWT, PostgreSQL, Spring)
- API for modelling financial reporting models(DPM) (Spring, Oauth2, Validations, PostgreSQL, Docker, Junit)
- Export & Import API (Spring, Unirest, PostgreSQL)
- Search APIs (Apache Kafka, ElasticSearch, Spring, PostgreSQL, JDBCTemplate)