Cezary Rosa
Trainee in Marketing Operations, Accenture
Warsaw / Poland
About me
I am a financial analyst having an abstract, analytical and logical reasoning, fluent in English and experienced in working with global clients.

I am aiming for a career in advisory companies hoping to take advantage of my strengths in business valuation, data analysis, big data and project management. As my main area of interest, quantitative finance appeals to me as it derives and extends mathematical or numerical models taking observed market prices as input.

I always overlook for opportunities to gain new experience and skills.
Warsaw School of Economics 2011 - 2014
Finance and Accounting
Warsaw University of Technology 2010 - 2014
Environmental Development, Planning and Management
Trainee in Marketing Operations, Accenture 08/2014 - current
Intern, ING Bank Śląski 07/2012 - 08/2012
Intern at ING Bank Śląski S.A. in the Department of Facility Management within the Praktyka z Lwem (a paid internship programme)

• Identifying needs (repairing, modernization, arrangement and functionality) and determining their status (relevance, importance, urgency) by setting priorities;
• Selection of appropriate tools or procedures to perform the tasks arising from the identified needs;
• Reporting both actions taken and results achieved;
• Analysis the effectiveness of processes and formulation of conclusions;
• Actively supporting the implementation of the tasks administered in Head Offices (conversions, modernizations, relocations, replacement of ATM / CDM projects, large and small investment projects, renovation, construction etc.);
• Participating in the meetings of the project team involved in the relocation of rooms in the newly built skyscraper – Plac Unii;
• Preparing data needed to process the effective use of space.