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Xero6gr - metro Stokłosy
Aleja KEN 86 lok. 15, Warszawa
Metro Stokłosy (50m), Vistula University (150m)
We print from all the popular files formats:
PDF, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, epub, odt, odp, ods, txt, rtf, xml, htm, html, tiff, png, jpg, jpeg
Each time you can upload up to 1000 MB and 1000 files!
In the next step you will choose print settings and pay for the order securely on-line. As soon as your printouts will be ready to be picked up (usually in less than 5 minutes) we will notify you via email!
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Xero6gr - metro Stokłosy

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You don't need / will not loose a flash drive anymore
You'll stop using email for moving/sending files you want to print
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You'll not need to use coins or exchange bills to pay
Finally you'll print from your mobile too :)
Upload file(s), that you want to print
In this step you will be able to choose printing options such as:
page range (or all pages),
number of copies,
also: 2on1, 4on1,
paper format (A3,A4);
finishing options: binding, stapling, hole punching, paper type,
buy extra things like: foil for documents, folder, pen/pencil, etc.
Pay for printing on-line - quickly and securely
The price is calculated after uploading files and setting print parameters. You will be able to compare it with prices of other print shops.
Zamów i opłać druk online, Dostawa 24h, płatność online
Pay with: debit/credit card, PayU, PayPal, traditional transfer
We issue invoices on your request
Pick up ready printouts at the copy shop of your choice.
Without carrying any coins and waiting in the lines!
You can place orders 24/7 and pick up during the print shop's opening hours. Estimated time:
up to 10 pages -> around 2 minutes,
100 pages -> around 3 minutes,
around 1000 pages -> 15 minutes,
around 10000 pages -> 60 minutes
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Products - what can I print?
Order online printing of documents, copy shops, black&white b&w printing, A4 paper format, A3 paper format, A5 paper format
Online A3, A4, A5 black&white printing

Order online printing of documents, copy shops, color printing, A4 paper format, A3 paper format, A5 paper format
Online A3, A4, A5 color printing

Printing settings: choose paper weight
Different paper weights: 80 gram (standard), 120 / 160 / 200 / 250 / 350 gram and other

Printing settings: number of pages per sheet
Number of pages per sheet: 2 on 1, 4 on 1, 6 on 1, 9 on 1, 16 on 1

Printing settings: finishing options, binding every paper weight, laminating, hole punching, stapling
Printing finishing options: Binding, Stapling, Laminating, Hard cover, Hole Punching and other

Order printing of books online, cheap books printing
Online printing: books

Order printing of certificates online, cheap certificates printing
Online printing: certificates

Order printing of corporate paper, stationery, cheap corporate stationery printing
Online printing: corporate paper

Order printing of reports online, cheap reports printing
Online printing: reports

Order printing of CV / résumés online, cheap CV, résumés printing
Online printing: CV

Order printing of dissertations online, cheap thesis printing and binding, bachelor thesis, master thesis
Online printing: dissertations (master thesis, bachelor thesis, engineer thesis etc.)

Order printing of students notes, assignments online, cheap students materials printing
Online printing: student notes, exams, assignments etc.
Order printing of teaching materials, teaching resources, cheap teaching materials printing
Online printing: teaching materials
Order printing of conference materials, cheap conference materials printing
Online printing: conference materials
Best solutions for your company!
You will order printing of documents or training/conference/advertising materials, etc. at any time!
Within just few seconds you will compare easily the price of your order at dozens of print shops!
In the dashboard you will monitor your spendings and download the invoices!
You will benefit from deals and discounts for loyal customers...
...or free delivery from chosen print shops!
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8 reasons to print with perkmylife?
You will easily place the order from home / office / using mobile phone and skip the lines when picking up ready printouts in the chosen print shop
You can place orders using interface in your own language (great for foreigners, such as expats and exchange-students) and pay in USD, EUR, GBP, PLN
You will use all the services also on mobile devices (e.g. order printing of a photo just taken with your mobile or of an email attachment without using laptop)
You will pay electronically
At once you can upload file(s) of up to 1000 MB (or up to 1000 files), which you can safely store on the platform (each user gets up to 2 GB of free storage for any types of files)
Place orders 24/7 and pick up at the most convenient location (during their opening hours)
You will be notified via e-mail / SMS as soon as the printouts are ready
You can share uploaded files with your friends registered on perkmylife (Important: your private files are safe and not stored by the print shop)